Do you practice
what you preach?

Why do people use a magnifier?


Dentist, Hygienist and Surgeons work at a short

distance from there patients.
This is not because they want to do that. It is mainly because there is no other way to see properly. 

Magnifiers prevent you from leaning in and putting stress on your lower back and neck

What magnification is good for me?


Finding the right magnification start with the right posture. Position yourself infront of you chair or table (where ever your primary place of use is).

Measure the distance between your eyes and your hands while in your ideal posture. 
Now measure the same distance when your actually working.

- MinMagnifier(x) = DistanceBestPosture / ActuallyWorkDistance -

Do my eyes get lazy because of my magnifiers?


No, this is not true. If you use your magnifiers for days, months or mabye even years. Off course you feel you have to putt in more effort doing your work. Oppose to wearing magnifiers. This doesnt mean your body or eyes got lazy. They just got used to putting in more effort. With is Good!  

What matters more? A good chair? Or Magnifiers?


A good chair compliments the magnifiers. Without a good chair you are not able to stay in the right posture. 
A to flat of a seat and you cant tilt your hips. Which is important to be able to sit up straight.
To steep of a seat and you will slide down.

Does everybody get neckpain without magnifiers?


Not everybody. It had a lot to do with somebody's leicure activities. Even though we have used our body all day long. The best thing you can do. Is losen op the muscles after work. And maybe even before and while work.
Doing the actual work is not the biggest issue. Not relaxing the muscles after a long day of work wil lead to big neck and back problems. 

 Why are magnifiers so expensive? 

If we see our magnifiers as just a pair of glasses. We can imagine that they feel like quit an investment. 
We like to look at the magnifiers as an instrument.
An instrument that provides you with better vision, better posture, high quality titanium materials, and the AR coated optics.
All custom made to every clients wishes and needs. 
Work will feel easier and time of work will be pain free.  

Is a higher magnification always better?

No. Bigger magnification, is not always the better solution. Better yet, a higher mag. limits the "Vision of Field" and the "Depth of Field".
Therefor with a higher mag. your muscles have to tense alot more to keep you image still and sharp.