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- 35 grams
- 2.5x / 2.7x / 3.2x

+ Lightest Weight

+ Lowest Price

+ Vision of Field
+ Range of Field


- No Posture Correction
- Lens Abberation


The Galileo lens system is one of the most known lens system. It contains two lenses. A Positive(+) and a Negative(-) lens witch are perfectly alligned with each other. Therefore the visiual image becomes bigger. But with a smaller vision of fields and some lens distortion because of the curved lenses




- 45 grams
- 4.0x / 4.8x / 5.5x


+ No Abberation
+ Wide Vision of Field

+ Depth of View

- No Posture Correction
- Weighs more



The Kepler (Prismatic) lens system is a distortion free lens solution. This is because it does not use curved lenses. The magnifying affect is created by slowing light down. The longer the light travels. The higher the magnification. It will extract light intensitie. We therefor we recommend a headlight with a Kepler Solution.



- 45 grams

- 3.0x / 4.0x / 5.0x / 6.0x / 7.5x


+ No Abberation

+ 45° Ergo Correction

+ Lightest Kepler Solution

+ Big Change


 - Smaller Vision of Field

- Big Change 



Ergoline is the newest magnifier on the market. It is an Kepler lens solution. But with an 45° angle.

You look through the lenses like a microscope.
Inside the telescopes is a Kepler Lens System.






TTL Prism Solution 4.0x
From € 2.140,00 2
TTL Prism Solution 4.8x
From € 2.300,00 2
TTL Prism Solution 5.5x
From € 2.500,00 2


Ergoline TTL 3.0x
From € 2.135,00 2
Ergoline TTL 4.0x
From € 2.255,00 2
Ergoline TTL 5.0x
From € 2.455,00 2
Ergoline TTL 6.0x
From € 2.575,00 2
Ergoline TTL 7.5x
From € 2.695,00 2